Yes! I also have a band.

Like so many others around the globe. And like so many others, my band is called GARY.

Still, i can´t resist the urge to play music. And to make records.

And it basically sounds like all the good stuff that´s been recorded in kitchens late at night, or smokey studios. Anywhere. In Glasgow, Scottland. Dayton, Ohio. Or Boston.

And i guess i steal a lot. That´s what POP should be about.

So hail Teenage Fanclub, the Lemonheads, Guided By Voices, Television Personalities, the Pastels in no particular order. And so many others.

If you want to hear what my music sounds like, you might want to check out the links below:

Bandcamp page with all our music.

Our Label. I  started it with my friend Bernhard, back in 2005

Our Facebook Page. If you like us, like us!

And for shows, check the LIVE page on this blog. Or your local discotheque! See you around!